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The Nature and Function
of the Catholic Church

Ideal for early in the Catechumenate Period of RCIA, this class is an introduction or overview. It has enough depth to provide good, solid information, yet it's short enough to be presented in an hour, with some class participation.

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It covers:

  • •  The Church was founded by Christ to lead all believers to heaven.
  • •  The Apostolic Succession has continued the leadership of Christ.
  • •  Revelation by Scripture and Tradition is how Jesus continues to reveal himself.
  • •  The 7 Sacraments are gifts through which Jesus continues to purify us.
  • •  The Mission of the Church is the mission of Christ continuing to lead people to heaven.
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Nature & Function of the Church PPT
Comes with a Catechist Guide and a class hand-out that outlines the presentation.
Full package PPT $25
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PPT on the Nature and Function of the Catholic Church

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