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Mystagogy "Gifted and Sent" Retreat

Mystagogy RetreatEnd the RCIA journey by sending your Neophytes into the bigger journey of walking with Christ in the continuation of his ministry. Empower them to become active participants of the parish and fruitful stewards with their gifts and talents.

Licensing Information: This package can be used by the RCIA program of one parish for unlimited years.

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The Mystagogy Retreat
Comes with:
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  1. Readme file that explains everything.
  2. Schedule for the retreat
  3. Opening Prayer Service: “Gifted and Called”
  4. Redemptoris Missio PPT
    This includes a Catechist Guide and the
    Multi-Media Meditation "Lord Send Out Your Spirit".
  5. Three Stages of Becoming a Minister for God
    This contains two documents:
    • Handout for all participants.
    • Catechist Guide with talking points.
  6. Ministry Assessment Personal Survey
  7. Social Justice: Every Christian’s Calling
    This contains three documents:
    • Handout of Quotes.
    • Handout on the Works of Mercy.
    • Catechist Guide with talking points.
  8. Closing Prayer Service: “Gifted and Sent” (includes a Commissioning Rite and A Prayer to Become God's Instrument)


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Windows version $90
Mac version $90
No-PPT version
If you already purchased the PPT "Redemptoris Missio" separately in a previous order, deduct $30 by choosing this option instead of the Windows or Mac version.
$60 without PPT
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Product Review:
"I wanted to thank you very much for the wonderful Mystagogy Retreat you and your team put together. It went very well and we have had many compliments. I appreciate all your hard work and will be contacting you in the future for more products."
(DRE in California)
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