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All Precatechumenate Resources
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All Catechumenate Resources

All Purification Period Resources $140

All Initiation Rite Resources
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All Mystagogy Resources $140

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Administrative Aids

Registration & Sponsor Forms
Publicity Package
EZ Tracking Form
RCIA Team Building Packet
Parish Prayer Package

Precatechumenate (Inquiry)

Christ's True Presence in the Mass PPT
What Keeps Us from Knowing God's Will?
PowerPoint presentations on the Trinity
• and more

Catechumenate Period

Seasons of the Liturgal Year (hand-out)
Nature and Function of the Church PPT
Christ's True Presence in the Mass PPT
Four Traditions of Catholic Prayer PPT
Mary, Our Holy Mother PPT
Confession: Sacrament of Healing PPT
Defining Purgatory (hand-out)
• and more

Purification & Enlightenment

The Meaning of Lent (PPT & Hand-out)
Lenten Cycle A Reflections & Questions
The Creed (PowerPoint & Hand-out)
The "Our Father" (PowerPoint & Hand-out)
Examination of Conscience
Multi-Media Meditation on Christ's Crucifixion
• and more

Initiation Rites Preparation

Choosing a Patron Saint
Hand-outs Explaining the Rites of Initiation
Happy Anniversary Easter Vigil Cards

Mystagogy Period

"Where Do I Go From Here?" Packet
"Redemptoris Missio" PPT presentation
Knowing God's Will (The Master Needs You)
Ministry Assessment Personal Survey
Social Justice: Every Christian's Calling
• and more

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