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What is the Meaning of Lent?

A PowerPoint Presentation on
the life-changing 40-day
pilgrimage to Easter

Description: Why and how Lent should make a significant difference in our lives. As it gently teaches about the mercy of God that's given to us in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, it raises awareness that we are sinners and Lent is a time of becoming more aware of the sins we need to overcome. It includes a fun "parable" to provide food for discussion and deeper reflection. And it provides the meaning of Ash Wednesday, fasting and abstinence, prayer, and almsgiving -- and even explains why we abstain from meat.

Instantly downloadable!

Ideas for use: Designed as a great introduction to the RCIA Period of Purification and Enlightenment, it's also good for children's and adults' Religious Education classes.

Mac users: you must have PowerPoint for Mac installed to run this. TechSoup has a special discount for churches.

Licensing Information: Each PPT comes with a single-parish license granting you permission to display the PowerPoint presentation in your classrooms, which provides unlimited use for unlimited years in one parish.

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What Is the Meaning of Lent? PPT
Comes with a Catechist Guide and "The Parable of the Unhappy Pig" (a four-page handout, i.e., two papers printed double-sided).
Full package PPT $30
Spanish version - full pkg PPT $30
What is the Meaning of Lent?
Supplementary hand-out covers the same
content as the PPT. (Small Group License)
Not included in the PPT package.

  Whole Parish License
      unlimited printing for use outside RCIA
The Parable of the Unhappy Pig
handout only (Small Group License)
This is already included in the PPT package. Add to your order only if you want copies for other uses in the parish or do not want the PPT.
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The Meaning of Lent

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