Charitable Gift Request

Given that our top priority at Catholic Digital Resources™ is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, we are willing to negotiate and even eliminate fees. We have a lot of life-changing, heart-moving resources that will evangelize those you are called to serve, but if it’s unreachable to you because of budget constraints, what’s the point of having an online store?

Churches, ministries, and individuals that are unable to pay can make a charitable gift request. If you cannot afford to pay the price of a product, or if you live in a country that does not allow payments to the U.S., use this form. We will grant you the donation of our materials. In return, we ask you to make a gift of prayer for our staff and for a successful business.

We give free vouchers as our tithing. We’re committed to helping you with your ministry no matter what the cost.

However, if you are able to pay, please do so. As Jesus said, the workman is worth his (or her) hire.

Complete this form to receive a free gift voucher. After we issue you the voucher, you will return to the webpage(s) where each item gets ordered. Further instructions will be included in the email we send you with the gift voucher.

We hope you will remember our generosity and the high quality of our services and resources when your budget returns to normal.

And please recommend us to others!

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This will be the amount of the gift voucher we issue to you by email. With the voucher, you will be able to download your order.
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What type of prayer donation will you make as “payment”? (Suggestion: A Mass or a novena of rosaries for the staff of Catholic Digital Resources.)