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Christmas Bulletin Inserts

3 options to choose from

Bulletin Insert Option #1
Cycle A Readings
Christmas Sundaypreview
full printable preview

Description: One-page bulletin insert that includes take-home reflection questions as well as a sidebar of scriptures for the entire week. The message is: Joy to the world! This is our song. Don't focus on what destroys your joy, for nothing can destroy the coming of the Lord. The absence of joy is merely a blank area in your view of what God is doing.

Ideas for use: Bulletin insert for December 25, RCIA class, faith sharing groups, etc.

Bulletin Insert Option #2
Christmas Bulletin Insertpreview
full printable preview

Joy to the World!

Description: Evangelize at Christmas Mass! This Christmas insert is a two-sided page that will stir the faith of regular parishioners while evangelizing the inactive and rarely-active Catholics who come on Christmas.

The front page is an article about how we can experience the joy and the love of Christ even during troubles. It also invites people to give Jesus to others. This download is a protected Word document that includes an editable box for your priest's blessing or prayer. Or post your Mass schedule or an invitation to join the parish.

The back page is a meditation about the newborn Jesus that personalizes the true meaning of Christmas. Another editable box invites the unchurched and inactive Catholics to contact someone to find out how to join or return to the Eucharist.

Extra copies: Be sure to make extra copies to distribute from tables or racks, inviting parishioners to take them home to friends and neighbors. Our Whole Parish License allows unlimited printing, year after year!

Bulletin Insert Option #3
for Christmas or Advent
The Treasure of Humility in the Story of Christmaspreview
full printable preview

The Treasure of Humility
in the Story of Christmas

Description: Mary and Joseph are examples of humility. Surely, if they had announced to enough people that Mary was about to give birth, someone would have given up their room for one night. But they graciously accepted what was given to them, trusting that God would take care of all things. Through their humility, we learn how much God truly loves us.

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Bulletin Insert Option #1
One-page Bulletin Insert or Text Article:
Whole Parish License (unlimited printing) $20
Bulletin Article (copy & paste text only) $10
Spanish Bulletin Article (text only) $10
Bulletin Insert Option #2:
Joy to the World!
Small Group License (up to 30 copies) $15
Whole Parish License
(unlimited printing in one parish)
Bulletin Insert Option #3:
The Treasure of Humility in the Story of Christmas
Single User License $3/person
Small Group License (up to 30 copies) $10
Whole Parish License
(unlimited printing in one parish)
You may not post anything on the internet in any form except when it is embedded in a parish PDF bulletin.  
The copyright footer of documents must be included on all copies.  
You may not add to or alter content without requesting and receiving special permission.  

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Spanish versions of all our printable materials may be requested by special order when you don't see it listed on the order form.

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