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Downloadable Parish Resources for July

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Breaking Open the Word of Faithpreview
Breaking Open the
Word of Faith
Sunday Reflections for the month
St. Thomaspreview
Building faith in community (Feast of St. Thomas) July 3
14th Sunday of Ordinary Timepreview
14th Sunday
Cycle C - July 3
15th Sunday of Ordinary Timepreview
15th Sunday
Cycle C - July 10
16th Sunday of Ordinary Timepreview
16th Sunday
Cycle C - July 17
St. Mary Magdalenepreview
Letting go of our losses
(Feast of Mary Magdalene) July 22
17th Sunday of Ordinary Timepreview
17th Sunday
Cycle C - July 24
St. Jamespreview
The treasure within us
(Feast of James the Apostle) July 25
St. Marthapreview
Proactive prayer and contemplative listening
(Feast of Martha) July 29
18th Sunday of Ordinary Timepreview
18th Sunday
Cycle C - July 31
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