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Host a Parish Celebration of the

Passover Seder

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Description: Everything needed for planning and hosting a Seder in your parish to show the roots of the Catholic Mass in our Jewish heritage. See photos of the Seder!

Even if your parish has held Seders before, this one will be so effective and so easy to plan that you'll appreciate our unlimited-use license to host the Seder year after year!

Report from a customer after using this Seder package: "Thank you for the wonderful program you have. It is so organized, and everyone there tonight just loved the way that it connected them to our Mass. Several times tonight I heard that they had been to other Seders but had not come out with the meaning of our Eucharist as they did tonight! It was so beautiful to have people just hanging around afterwards, not leaving right afterwards like we have had before. I am just so excited and can't wait to go to Mass tomorrow [on Holy Thursday] and celebrate the First Eucharist. (Florence, 2009)

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Whole Parish License (unlimited printing)
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Bulletin flyer $14
"The Jewish Seder: Roots of our
Catholic Mass" bulletin article or hand-out
Checklist for Planning the Seder $2
Seder Plate and Table Setup instructions $2
"The Seder Meal" Preparation Booklet $40
Introduction of Ceremony $2
"The Passover Meal" ceremony booklet $60
Total price if ordered this way: $140     

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This package includes:

  • • Bulletin flyer (fully editable). Preview it.
  • • "The Jewish Seder: Roots of our
    Catholic Mass"
    bulletin article or hand-out with customizable corner box for advertising the date of your Seder. Preview it.
  • • Checklist for Planning the Seder
  • • Seder Plate and Table Setup instructions on how to set the tables and lay out the ritual foods, with photo illustrations.
  • • "The Seder Meal" Preparation Booklet
    to give to participants when they make their reservations; includes family discussion questions. (8 pages, printed double-sided on 2 sheets, folded in half, and stapled.) Preview it.
  • •  Suggestions for introducing the ceremony by the Priest or M.C. 
  • • "The Passover Meal" ceremony script
    (10 full-size pages) Preview it.

Why host a Parish Seder?

The Seder is a Jewish Passover ritual that is the foundation of our Catholic liturgies. It's an ecumenical, family event, because everyone can participate fully regardless of age or denomination, making it a great parish activity for those who have non-Catholic spouses.

It will be a prayerful and profoundly spiritual event. It will be educational, bringing many of the Psalms to life while giving a new dimension to participants' understanding of Mass, including why we use bread and wine, the blessings, the thanksgiving prayers, etc. It will capture something of the origins of Judaism and our own Christian roots. It will set the scene for Holy Week in a very special way.

It will also be a joyful social occasion that will provide a real bonding of parishioners.

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