3rd Sunday of Lent, Cycle B

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3nd Sunday of LentBulletin Insert for March 4, 2018

Description: In the Gospel for the 3rd Sunday of Lent, the final paragraph is very revealing: Jesus did not “trust” himself to the converts whose faith in him was based on the signs and wonders that he had done. The reason: He did not want anyone to testify (i.e., spread the faith) about the limitations of human nature. Faith based on signs and wonders is human nature: It’s easier to put faith in what we can humanly see, touch, and hear than to believe in a God who is invisible and who usually sounds very silent. There is nothing supernatural about this kind of faith, but God is very supernatural.


Ideas for use: Bulletin insert for March 4, adult education, Lenten faith sharing groups, RCIA class, etc.

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