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Exploring the Catechism:
Life After Death - The Eternal Easter Season

Course Description:
Christians are an Easter people. Because of the resurrection of our Savior, we are redeemed from our deaths through him to live happily with God forever. In this course, we will open the Catechism of the Catholic Church together and explore the issues of life after death:

  • Week 1: Salvation
    What does salvation really mean? Do Catholics believe in being "born again"? Can you lose your salvation?
  • Week 2: Purgatory and Heaven
    How much pain is in purgatory? Do the souls in purgatory experience any joy? Why should we pray for the souls in purgatory?
  • Week 3: Hell and the Second Coming of Christ
    Are people sent to hell for punishment? Is there any way that someone can escape from hell? Can demons convert back to holiness and enter heaven? What will happen when Jesus returns?
  • Week 4: The Communion of Saints
    Why can we ask Mary and the Saints to pray for us? Can our deceased relatives pray for us? Can they speak to us?

You will need to have your own copy of the Catechism.

You can buy it at your local Catholic book store or order it online from The Catholic Company (we provide this link as a courtesy to you, not as an endorsement of this company).

For those who do not have access to the Catechism in book form, links to the Catechism online will be provided within this course.

Instructor: Terry Modica
Terry is the author of the daily Good News Reflections and has been teaching parish seminars on the Catholic Catechism and Church documents since 1994.Terry converted to Catholicism in 1977, drawn by the Eucharist. At that time, she began to study official Church teachings in order to understand and dig deep into her new faith. Always involved in her parishes, she gained a reputation for inspirational teaching and spiritual leadership in Adult Religious Education, prayer groups, Parish Council, and as diocesan staff writer. She was certified by the Diocese of Trenton, NJ, in Pastoral Administration and is a certified graduate of the Lay Pastoral Ministry Institute of the Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida. ( more )

Here's how this Good News Digital Classroom works:
The first lesson is an introductory teaching on how to explore the Catechism for fascinating and helpful new insights into your faith. Thereafter, the lessons will give you Catechism paragraphs to read that relate to one of the topics on Life After Death. Since you are signing up for a self-study course, after you register, you will be given the webpage where the course begins and a password to access it. You have a month to complete the course before your password expires. If you need more time, you may request an extension.

course certificate

At the end of the course, you may ask the instructor for an emailed certificate acknowledging successful completion of the course as proof of attendance. This is useful for those who need continuing education for their work as catechists or in other ministries.

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