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"Evangelization in the Modern World"

Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Paul VI

Course Description:
Discover your daily vocation as a Catholic evangelizer revealing Christ to others
- where God has already placed you
- using what you already know!

In this course, you will study:
• How Jesus was the first evangelizer and what this means for us
• The Catholic definition of "evangelization"
• What are your strong points as an evangelizer?
• Catholic methods of evangelization: Which are you best suited for?
• The role of the Holy Spirit in your evangelization efforts

You will be assigned a different portion of the Church document, Evangelii Nuntiandi, to read each week. Below is a list of options for obtaining this material:

  • On this website
  • On the Vatican website
  • Download the Windows Word document file (warning! this is a 41-page print-out). HOW TO DOWNLOAD IT: Place your mouse pointer over its link and right-click your mouse to open the Windows dialog box, then choose "Save target as..." and save it in your "My Documents" folder (or wherever you want to keep it).
  • Preferred Method (much easier to use!)
    You can buy it at your local Catholic book store or order it online from The Catholic Company (we provide this link as a courtesy to you, not as an endorsement of this company).

Instructor: Terry Modica
Terry is the author of the daily Good News Reflections and has been teaching parish seminars on the Catholic Catechism and Church documents since 1994.

Terry converted to Catholicism in 1977, evangelized by the Eucharist itself. Soon after, she got her first experience as an evangelizer by going door-to-door for her parish census. She didn't like it. She learned from this and further discernment that her giftedness and calling is not with the unchurched but with the church-goers who are hungry to learn more about their faith and grow closer to God.

In March of 1994, Terry attended the week-long Good News of Divine Mercy School of Catholic Evangelization in Pensacola, Florida, founded by Charlie Osburn, who was the first official, bishop-sent evangelizer of his diocese. She and her whole family returned several times for more training and inspiration. During that year, she helped plan the start of Good News Ministries in her home parish in New Jersey. Then, when her family moved to Florida, she and her husband, Ralph, founded Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay and held the first School of Catholic Evangelization there in October of 1995.

Terry has always had a keen interest in understanding the Church's writings along with a God-given talent for helping others understand them in everyday language for their everyday lives. Over the years, she gained a reputation for inspirational teaching and spiritual leadership in Adult Religious Education and prayer groups. She was certified by the Diocese of Trenton, NJ, in Pastoral Administration, specializing in adult evangelization, and is a 2003 graduate of the Lay Pastoral Ministry Institute of the Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida. ( more )

Here's how the Good News Digital Classroom works:

Since you are signing up for a self-study course, after you register, you will be given the webpage where the course begins and a password to access it. There are theological reflection questions throughout.

You have a month to complete the course before your password expires. If you need more time, you may request an extension.

At the end of the course, if you have posted your homework assignments, you may request an emailed certificate that acknowledges successful completion of the course. This is useful for those who need continuing education for their work as catechists or in other ministries.

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