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Instructor: Terry Modica
Terry has a degree in Theology and is the author of the daily Good News Reflections and has been teaching in-parish seminars on the Catholic Catechism and Church documents since 1994.

Mrs. Modica converted to Catholicism in 1977. At that time, she began to study Church doctrine and Magisterial teachings in order to better understand and dig deep into her adopted faith. Involved in parish leadership, she gained a reputation for inspirational teaching and spiritual leadership in Adult Religious Education, prayer groups, Parish Council, and diocesan evangelization. She was certified by the Diocese of Trenton, NJ, in Pastoral Administration and is a certified graduate of the Lay Pastoral Ministry Institute of the Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida. (more...)


Two courses are available as e-books for in-parish discussion groups or personal off-line reading:

On the Eucharist in its
Relationship to the Church

Mission of the Redeemer

Parishes and dioceses can provide Catholic Web Courses through the Good News Digital Classroom of Catholic Digital Resources™.

Or bring Terry Modica to your parish to teach one of these courses in one week (five evenings).

How it's done:
Any group within a parish can benefit from these courses. For example, DREs can offer an online course to all their catechists. Adult Education Coordinators can offer timely courses for Lent and other liturgical seasons. Participants read the online materials at home and then gather once a week to discuss the theological reflection questions that are given at the end of each segment.

This can be done with a facilitator who merely keeps the discussion on-topic, or it can be done with a catechist who adds his/her own knowledge to the topic.

To begin, the diocese or parish arranges, risk-free at no initial charge, to sponsor a course and advertises it. Participants either sign up through your office or via a special online form at Catholic Digital Resources LLC that will then be forwarded to you. Our online registration form will show the name of your parish and will be used exclusively by your parishioners.

Group Rate for Web Courses:
Each parish pays $100 per course ($200 for The Story in the Bible).

Turn it into a fund-raiser! If you choose to charge participants, the tuition is whatever you decide is right for your circumstances. We recemmend $10 per person ($20 for The Story in the Bible). If more than 10 people sign up, you're earning a profit for your parish!

Each lesson concludes with theological discuss questions that are discussed when the group gathers in your facilities once a week. A catechist or facilitator needs to be assigned to each group. However, the materials are self-explanatory and easy to understand, well enough to make it possible for groups to meet without a catechist.

Note: All of Catholic Digital Resources' web courses are also available as non-digital, standard instructor-led in-person seminars held in your facilities. This would require 4 or 5 evening sessions in one week or one full weekend. The speaker's stipend and transportation fees are listed at the Good News Ministries Speakers Bureau. This could be used as a train-the-trainer course, and those who attend could become teachers of the same courses in their parishes.

What if a parishioner doesn't have access to the Internet?

A printable version of the digital course can be obtained and copied for those who do not have internet access.

What if someone cannot attend the group meetings?

Individuals may opt to take the self-study courses that are always available at Catholic Digital Resources. The course materials are the same.

Can this be used for continuing education credit?

At the end of each course, participants who post their homework assignments on our e-Classroom blog are eligible to receive a printable certificate that shows completion of the course, sent by email, to use as proof of continuing education.

How can you be sure the course is doctrinally sound?

Diocesan and parish directors who would like to preview a course prior to offering it may receive a temporary, free password to access it.

To host one of our online courses at your parish, use this form.

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