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  1. What did you find most helpful in Part III? Why?
  2. How do you feel knowing that we can question God about our suffering, with all the emotion of our hearts, full of dismay and anxiety, and God expects the question and listens to it (paragraph 10)? How does that help your relationship with him?
  3. Knowing that punishment “creates the possibility of rebuilding goodness in the subject who suffers” (paragraph 12), how can we assist others in rebuilding their goodness without making them feel condemned?


  1. Which milieux of Good Samaritan work have you been most active in: organizations, individual, or family? How do you know God has called you to this ministry?
  2. Recalling what this document says about the teaching of Jesus in Matthew 25 (separating the sheep from the goats), how does doing good for those who suffer affect your salvation? Why is this not a contradiction of the doctrine of being saved by grace? Note: being “saved by grace” means we are saved by accepting in faith what Jesus did for us on the Cross, rather than by earning our way into heaven through good works.
  3. Name one thing you learned from this document that is most helpful, most life-changing, or most significant.