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A full-length novel by Terry A. Modica about a frightened, desperate mother's discovery of the supernatural power of Christ's love.

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Victor is fun, fictional adventure tale about a young mother escaping from a lifetime of abuse and the devil-worshiping coven that wants to use her sons to uncover the identity of the Anti-Christ. Watch her conversion to Christ and her process of learning what real love is as she tries to rescue her sons. This novel is a spiritual thriller that will affirm your faith in Christ's victorious power.

"I just finished reading the novel, Victor, by Terry Modica. It was one of those books that you can't put down. The whole story was fashioned in such a way that I had to know when God was going to rescue these people."
~ Cindy

This e-book comes in 2 formats: EPUB and PDF. After you complete the order, you will be given a download page that explains the options.

A sample from this book:

Chapter 1

        As Patti Regall dug into the hard ground of her flower bed, another chill traveled down her spine. All day she had felt an unseen presence watching and waiting. It seemed to be lurking inside of her, in the depths of her mind, like a repressed nightmare about to explode into reality, or a fear poised to strike out and slash the quiet routine of her life.
        And yet, it also seemed to be watching from the edge of the woods, by the side of the house, perhaps forty feet from where she squatted and sweated in the garden along the back wall. Patti could see nothing in the shadows of the trees that encircled the yard, but something was there, getting closer and slowly approaching her sons.
        Her dirt-covered hands trembled. What am I so afraid of? She wanted to know. Today was supposed to be a joyous day; it was her twins' third birthday.
        Victor and Vincent didn't look like they were in danger, she reminded herself. They were digging nicely in the sand box, enjoying the backyard play area that their grandfather had built. As they patted their sand mountains and scraped their toy trucks through sandy ruts, they paid no mind to the summer's heat nor to the shadows that were slowly creeping up to them as the sun began to sink over the tops of the trees.
        In an effort to overpower the sense of doom, Patti focused on her neatly laid-out bed of marigolds and petunias and pansies and the ugly weeds that were threatening to conquer them. She used both hands to tug one of the clumps of spider grass. It clung te-naciously to the soil at first, but she pulled and dug until it yanked free.
         As the clump thudded against the discard pile, the corner of her eye caught move-ment beyond the edge of the trees. She pushed the glasses up her nose and peered, but saw nothing. Could it have been a small forest animal? she hoped.
        Or was it a claw-shaped hand on an arm that grew longer as it stretched from the darkness of the woods to touch Vincent? The hand, dripping with rotted, burnt flesh, en-closed around the boy's heart.
        "No!" Patti gasped, and as she heard her own voice, the reality of her garden and the hot sunshine and the boys playing peacefully in the sandbox pulled her from the nightmare.

Victor, a Christian novel by Terry Modica 
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