Liturgical Calendar

Liturgical Calendar

Downloadable Catholic Resources for Parishes

Evangelizing & faith-building

Use as bulletin inserts, classroom handouts, Adoration meditations, etc.

Not just educational — Inspirational!

We also have liturgically-timed resources for RCIA.

Special Feast Days and Memorials in 2018
click Mary, the Mother of God (Jan. 1)
click Epiphany (Jan. 7)
click Baptism of Our Lord (not in 2018)
click Conversion of St. Paul, apostle (Jan. 25)
click Presentation of the Lord (Feb. 2)
click Ash Wednesday (Feb. 14)
click Chair of St. Peter (Feb. 22)
click St. Joseph, husband of Mary (March 19)
click Passion Sunday (March 25)
click Holy Thursday (March 29)
click Good Friday (March 30)
click Easter Sunday (April 2)
click The Annunciation (April 9)
click St. Mark the Evangelist (April 25)
click St. Joseph the Worker (May 1)
click Ascension Thursday or Sunday (May 10 or 13)
click Pentecost (May 20)
click The Most Holy Trinity (May 27)
click Corpus Christi (June 3)
click Sacred Heart of Jesus (June 8)
click Birth of John the Baptist (June 24)
click Sts. Peter and Paul (June 29)
click St. Thomas, apostle (July 3)
click St. Mary Magdalene (July 22)
click St. James, apostle (July 25)
click St. Martha (July 29)
click Transfiguration of the Lord (Aug. 6)
click Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Aug. 15)
click Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist (Aug. 29)
click Birth of Mary (Sept. 8)
click Triumph of the Holy Cross (Sept. 14)
click Our Lady of Sorrows (Sept. 15)
click St. Matthew (Sept. 21)
click The Archangels (Sept. 29)
click The Guardian Angels (Oct. 2)
click Our Lady of the Rosary (Oct. 7)
click St. Luke, evangelist (Oct. 18)
click Sts. Simon and Jude, apostles (Oct. 28)
click All Saints Day (Nov. 1)
click All Souls Day & Defining Purgatory (Nov. 2)
click Christ the King (Nov. 25)
click Advent (Begins Dec. 2)
click Immaculate Conception of Mary (Dec. 8)
click Our Lady of Guadalupe (Dec. 12)
click Christmas (Dec. 25)
click The Holy Family (Dec. 30)