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Christmas Meditation

Multi-Media Meditations

For You a Savior Is Born

A 4-minute Multi-Media Meditation
© 2007 by Robert Metivier & Terry Modica. All rights reserved.

The full-screen, high-resolution version is available below.
Good for computer or projector display and TV viewing.

Ideal for churches on Christmas Eve — display on the church wall with a multi-media projector. Show this high-res Multi-Media Meditation in church before Mass begins on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Great for youth groups, Christmas parties, Advent Parish Missions, and staff retreats. On Christmas, your church will be packed with people who don't normally attend: Evangelize them with this Multi-Media Meditation. For the families who arrive early to get good seats, show them this mood-setting meditation while they wait for Mass to begin. It's a modern-day Christmas card to everyone sitting in your pews!

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Single User License $3/person
License for Small Group Viewing $10
License for Whole-Parish Public Viewing $20

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The music and photography are original works of art by professionals who are trying to earn a living with their talents. Please do not copy or publicly show this without purchasing rights.

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