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Help and Instructions for our Multi-Media Meditations

Why be limited by a license?

The music and photography are original, copyrighted works of art. Jesus said that the workman is worth his (or her) hire. Your purchase helps us pay our bills. When you download each Multi-Media Meditation, you are agreeing to limit your use to the type of license stated in your order.

Copying it to share with your friends is a violation of copyright law. Please encourage them to order their own copies; or better still, serve their needs by buying it for them as a gift!

If you purchased a Small Group License and find the need to use it more widely, please upgrade to the whole-parish license for only a little more cost. Just pay the difference: You can use this generic order form to upgrade:; be sure to mention what you're upgrading from and to, at the input field that asks "What is this a payment for?"

If you purchased more than one Single-User License in order to share digital copies, you may do so as long as each person you send it to knows they are getting a license for only one copy.

Problems making it run right?

If the multi-media meditation seems to have blank spots or missing photos, your computer's graphics driver probably is old and cannot handle the processing speed required. Try playing it on a different computer before reporting the problem to us.

If the multi-media meditation doesn't run at all, download and install one of the following programs below:

  • Windows
    Download the latest Media Player for your version of Windows.
  • Mac
    If you're using Apple's operating system, you can play this Windows Media file by downloading the free Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X as a substitute for your QuickTime Player. Or download the free Flip4Mac WMV Player, which will play Windows Media files on your Mac using QuickTime Player or Safari Web Browser.

Not sure how to actually do the download?
See our step-by-step page for Windows users.

Thank you for your order! And God bless you!

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If the help you need isn't on this page, please contact us.

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