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Place your special order with CDR

If you don't see a topic ready-made in any of our lines of digital, downloadable resources, chances are we're able to make it for you within two or three days (two weeks for PPT presentations). Use this form to make your special request.

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Need a free gift voucher?
Churches, ministries, and individuals that are unable to pay: Please submit a charitable gift request. Here's how:

First, find what you want to order for your ministry, and copy the name(s) or URL (webpage address) of each item into the request form.

After we receive it, we will give you a voucher for these items.

Next, you will return to the page(s) where each item gets ordered (the instructions will be provided in an email we send you). Proceed; place the order, click ADD TO CART, and check out.

On the shopping cart page, find the input box for "Gift voucher" and copy the voucher number into it. Then, click on RECALCULATE.

Lastly, click "GO TO PAYMENTS" and complete the process.

You will be able to immediately download what you order this way.

These instructions will be included in the email we send you with the gift voucher.

We hope you will remember our generosity and the high quality of our services and resources when your budget returns to normal.

And please recommend us to others!

Submit a charitable gift request now.

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