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Good News Reflections
on Catholic Readings for Sunday Mass

Weekly Bulletin Inserts

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Evangelize your parishioners, invite family faith discussions, encourage new spiritual growth, and build stewardship.

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We've been providing Good News Reflections since 1999; it's a central component of our sister company, the non-profit Good News Ministries.

Important Note: The first installment of your annual subscription will begin next month. Each month's set of bulletin inserts is shipped by email mid-month for the following month. If you need to start sooner, be sure to also place an additional order for the current month's Sundays that you need, so you can download them immediately.

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Spanish versions of all our printable materials may be requested by special order when you don't see it listed on the order form.

Good News Inspiration for Daily Life is an easy-to-read evangelization tool written for Catholic faith growth, using the Catholic readings from Sunday Mass.

Download an example of how one parish uses our reflections to evangelize with their bulletin:

Example Bulletin

Made as bulletin inserts for parish-wide distribution, they are also ideal as hand-outs for RCIA participants and sponsors; for catechists, lectors and other parish ministers; for sending home to the parents of your school and religious education students, and for Small Christian Communities and Bible study groups. In fact, you'll find endless uses for this Catholic evangelization tool!

An annual subscription to the Sunday edition of Good News Inspiration for Daily Life provides your church with something for every week, made available by email as a downloadable PDF file about a month in advance. Print as many copies as you need for one small annual fee.

For just $150 a year (less than $3 per week for all your parishioners), you will receive by email 52 editions - ready to print in black & white or color - Good News Inspiration for Daily Life.

Or order them as bulletin articles (text only) for only $75 a year ($6.25 per week).

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