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RCIA Resources for the
Precatechumenate Period

More than just explanation ... inspiration!

Evangelize inquirers as they explore the decision about joining RCIA.

Licenses on this page:
Our RCIA resources may be used indefinitely without the need to renew your distribution license, as long as you continue to use them only in RCIA in one parish. (For additional uses in the parish, please order a Whole Parish License when available or additional Small Group Licenses. For example, each grade level in the children's program of your Religious Education Department counts separately and a PPT purchase would require the purchase of additional licenses.)

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$10 What Keeps Us from Knowing God's Will?
10 Common Mistakes
hand-outs: unlimited printing for RCIA
2-page hand-out covers resentment, praying wrongly, idolatry, human reasoning, human desires, disobedience, the opinions of others, taking too little time to listen, doubt, and distrust. Great for discussions!
$35 Life In Christ *
PowerPoint Presentation with hand-outs
Comes with a 1-page hand-out of the scriptures and prayer used in the class, and the Multi-Media Meditation "Father, Where Have You Gone?"
$35 Life In the Father *
PowerPoint Presentation with hand-outs
Includes a double-sided scripture hand-out and worksheet, a take-home blessing from the Father, and the Multi-Media Meditation "On Restful Waters He Restores My Soul"

$35 Life In the Holy Spirit *
PowerPoint Presentation with hand-outs
Includes a 2-page hand-out and the Multi-Media Meditation "Lord, Send Out Your Spirit"
$90 * Order all three as a package and save!
Comes with all the hand-outs plus a Leader's Manual. You may also open this series to the whole parish as a mission or retreat - includes a publicity flyer, a preparation checklist, retreat schedules, a Prayer Booklet for a worship aid before each segment of the retreat, and 3 Prayer Pages for use when the seminars are given in a 3-week course or a 3-night parish mission.
Save $15 instead of ordering each one separately.
$30 Christ's True Presence in the Mass
PowerPoint Presentation
Teaches how Christ reveals himself through the Mass and transforms us into his likeness. Comes with a Catechist Guide. (Not included in the "All Precatechumenate Resources" package price, because it is also available in the Catechumenate Period package.)
$10 The Inquirer's Questionnaire
hand-outs: unlimited printing for RCIA
Asks the Inquirer: Which discovery opportunity is best for you at this time? Through a series of introspective questions, this hand-out helps each person understand the Precatechumenate phase and discern if they're ready to begin Catechumenate classes. This Word document includes editable zones for adding your own information about class times and contact information.

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