Privacy and Anti-spam Policy

Catholic Digital Resources is completely committed to protecting your privacy.

Any contact information that we obtain from you (on our website, over the phone, by postal mail, and by any other means) will never be given out to anyone without your expressed permission. No personal identity information collected by the shopping cart or by any other means is shared with third parties or with anyone else outside of Catholic Digital Resources.

Our shopping cart uses cookies to memorize some of your personal information, if you choose to make it do so. This cookie is stored in your computer’s Temporary Internet Files and you can delete it at any time. Look for “” in the cookies; this is our shopping cart.

When you provide billing information for processing a credit card or e-check at PayPal, you are no longer on the website of Catholic Digital Resources, and all your financial information falls under the strict protection policy of PayPal.

Catholic Digital Resources will never use your contact information to contact you about anything that you have not yourself initiated.

When a contact form or the shopping cart asks for your postal address, the name of your parish, your role at the parish, or anything else besides your name and email address, this is used for the sole purpose of learning how far and wide Catholic Digital Resources is reaching, what kinds of clientele we are serving, and other clues that will help us make decisions about what kinds of services to provide. Your phone number is not required unless, by a highly unusual event, we need to reach you about your order and we cannot accomplish this by email. Since all of our resources are provided by digital download, your postal address is not required. We do not send marketing materials through the mail.

Our Web server automatically collects IP address, browser software information, the referring website, how much time you spend in our website, and other statistical information, so that we can understand how our website is being used. Of these statistics, the only information that identifies you specifically is your IP address; this information is only used by us or by our server provider in the case of a DOS (Denial of Service) attack against us or to stop other forms of abuses made against us and our subscribers and our clientele.

If any employees and sub-contractors and partners of Catholic Digital Resources violates our privacy policy, they will be prosecuted according to the Law.

All our computer equipment and mailing lists are protected against viruses and spammers; there is no danger of spreading personal information or viruses or spam.

If you suspect abuses of our mailing lists or phishing, please report them in detail and forward to us the questionable emails, including their headers.

Our Shopping Cart

If you’ve chosen to have the shopping cart remember your name and address for future purchases, it has kept your old address in a cookie on your computer.

You can easily change this by using the shopping cart to revise the cookie. When you place an order and reach the “Billing details” page, the cookie will automatically fill out the form for you. Notice what’s there for your address, and change it, then be sure to check the box above the “continue” button, which says “Remember my name and address for my future purchases.” This will save your new address in the cookie.

If you prefer to delete the cookie, look for a cookie in your Temporary Internet Files from “” (the shopping cart) and delete it.

Catholic Digital Resources reserves the right to modify or amend this policy at any time and for any reason. To date, our Privacy Policy has never changed except to improve its benefits to you the client. This page was last updated with additional information on January 30, 2008. If you wish to be notified of further updates, please contact us.