Holy Living: What Signs Accompany You?

Feast of Saint Mark the Evangelist (April 25)

previewHandout or Bulletin Insert.

Description: This leaflet focuses on the ordinary calling of holiness. It asks: How do people know that you are Christian? Jesus says, in Mark 16:15-20, that “signs like these” will accompany Christians, and he lists some really amazing signs! He also mentions other signs throughout the Gospels. Elsewhere in the New Testament, we see many more examples of signs that accompany Christians, such as in 1 Peter 5:5b-14. They are tools of evangelization. Our faith in Christ becomes known — and evangelizes others — by the signs that accompany us, i.e., the signs of God’s presence within us. His love, his compassion, his wisdom, his patience, his forgiveness, his humility, his healing, and his wonders — these make us very different from the world.


Ideas for use: Bulletin insert for the week of April 25, staff meeting, ministry leadership workshop, Ministry Fair, invitation to join the St. Vincent de Paul Society or other helping-hand ministry, businessmen’s luncheon, RCIA class, etc.

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