19th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle C

Good News Inspiration for Daily Life

19th Sunday of Ordinary Time Bulletin Insert for August 7, 2022.

Description: Reflection for 19th Sunday of Ordinary Time shows how the Gospel reading, Luke 12:32-48, points out that God is “pleased” to give us his kingdom, which includes eternal life in heaven as well as all the benefits of his love and goodness here on earth. God does not withhold anything good from us. But do we avail ourselves of all he offers?

Jesus explains it: If you value earthly treasures more than you treasure opportunities to share God’s love and blessings with others, your hands are full of nothing that will last. If your “money bags” are filled with worldly goals that push God out, or selfish plans that push others out, or ungodly relationships that push holiness out from your life, there isn’t much room for the wondrous and eternal gifts of God. “For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.” Anything not of God is detrimental to us and, in the end, pointless, because it does not unite us to God and we cannot take it to heaven. We need to trade it in for the inexhaustible treasures that come from God.


Ideas for use: Bulletin insert for 19th Sunday of Ordinary Time, stewardship development, SCCs, adult and youth faith formation, RCIA, etc.

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