16th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle C

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16th Sunday of Ordinary Time Bulletin Insert for July 17, 2022.

Description: Reflection for the 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time explains that, in Luke 10:38-42, Jesus speaks to us about our anxieties and worries. They distract us. They’re harmful to us if we let them control our lives, because they take our eyes off of our Lord and focus us on what’s going wrong and how it might get worse. Mary, the sister of Martha, chose the “better part”; she didn’t let anything distract her from being a disciple learning avidly from Jesus. When we make the time to put aside the busyness of life to sit quietly and learn from Jesus, we discover reasons why our worries aren’t really so worrisome. Only as we sit quietly at the feet of Jesus do we find hope that overcomes despair, peace that conquers anxiety, and wisdom that gets us through trials.

Nothing that distracts us from Jesus is ever good for us. We cannot grow in holiness when we’re not watching Jesus and learning from him how to be holy. We cannot love as he loves nor receive all the love he gives us unless we have a prayer life that includes quiet time alone with him.


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