The Shepherd’s Sacred Heart

Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Cycle C (June 28)

Sacred Heart of JesusHandout or Bulletin Insert.

Description: Reflection on the Sacred Heart of Jesus includes “A Prayer for the Lost Sheep in Your Life”. When St. Peter Canisius saw a vision of Christ’s Sacred Heart, he felt great sadness as he realized that Jesus still suffers today whenever his love is despised, ignored, and rejected. From then on, he offered up all of his work as a sacrifice of devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Think of how deeply the Good Shepherd grieves in his heart when one of his lambs wanders off and gets lost. His sacred heart burns with love for them. Now think of the lost ones in your family and others you care about who have wandered off. As much as you wish they’d find Jesus and come back to the church family, Jesus desires it far more. He’s not waiting for them to find him; he’s going after them!


Ideas for use: Bulletin insert for the Sunday prior to June 28 (2018), parents of adult children who left the Church, faith sharing groups, RCIA class discussion on St. Margaret Mary Alacoque (Oct. 16), etc.

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