A Meditation on the Passion of Christ
Through the Eyes of Peter and Judas

Forgiven: A mediation on Christ's passion through the eyes of Peter and JudasDescription: Written with a powerfully life-changing twist, this is not the usual Passion story. “Forgiven” shows the passion of Christ as seen through the eyes of Peter and Judas. Each react in different ways to the final days and crucifixion of Jesus. One chooses forgiveness and the other ends his life in terrible guilt.

The story ends with the reunion of Jesus and Peter after the resurrection when Jesus calls Peter to become the first leader of the Church.

The theme of this meditation is forgiveness. The underlying message inspires people to open themselves to the healing joy of being forgiven. (Printable PDF ebook, 18 pages.)



The busy street of merchants is full of life. Then everything stops as Jesus stumbles across the cobblestones, carrying the cross-piece that will be used for his execution. His body is torn and bleeding from the scourging.  He is led and followed by Roman soldiers who whip him when he falls.  His cries of agony echo against the walls of the shops.

The macabre parade gathers more and more onlookers. They spread out when they reach the place called Golgotha, the place of execution. A weeping woman – Mary the mother of Jesus – and a young man – John – separate themselves from the crowd. They hold each other tightly as the gruesome crucifixion tortures their beloved Jesus.

A solitary figure watches from a distance. It is Peter.

Another solitary figure is watching from the other side of Golgotha.  It is Judas.

Ideas for use: Personal meditation, youth groups, Lenten parish mission, preparation for confessions and penance services, RCIA Period of Purification and Enlightenment, etc. With some creative direction, this could be turned into a unique Passion Play.

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