Learning trust from St. Joseph

Feast of Saint Joseph, husband of Mary (March 19)

St Joseph and trustHandout or Bulletin Insert.

Description: Ever wonder whether God is inspiring you or if it’s just your imagination (or just a dream)? How do we know when to trust that inner voice and when to disregard it? We can learn a lot from the faith of Saint Joseph. Gospel readings for the Feast of Saint Joseph, Husband of Mary, show us Joseph growing in his ability to trust God.

How difficult it must have been to believe Mary’s story! So, since he didn’t trust her version of the story about her pregnancy, God sent him an angel in a dream. Now Joseph had to trust that his dream was not a product of his own imagination. Wouldn’t it have been more convincing if the angel had appeared to him in person, the way Mary was visited by an angel?


Ideas for use: Bulletin insert the Sunday before March 19th or a hand-out for special parish celebrations of Saint Joseph and in RCIA class.

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