4th Sunday of Easter, Cycle C

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4th Sunday of Easter bulletin insertBulletin Insert for May 8, 2022.

Description: On the 4th Sunday of Easter, John 10:27-30 teaches us that Jesus, our Good Shepherd, is the only one we follow, the only one we can trust blindly. Only Jesus is perfect and knows all, understands all, and never sins. Only Jesus can successfully make the right decisions all the time and lead us through the various situations of life without inadvertently cooperating with evil. Only Jesus can discern and implement a plan that’s best for every person who’s affected by the plan. Only Jesus can lead us closer and closer to heaven while guiding us through the pitfalls and dangers of the journey. To be good sheep, all we have to do is cooperate with his guidance!


Ideas for use: Bulletin insert for the 4th Sunday of Easter, Coming Home ministry, adult education, faith sharing groups, RCIA class, etc.

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