Why Pray for Souls in Purgatory?

Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed
(All Souls Day, November 2)

All Souls DayHandout or Bulletin Insert.

Description: This handout or church bulletin insert for All Souls Day uses John 6:37-40 to explain why we honor all the departed who were the faithful followers of Christ. Can we help those who are in purgatory? Definitely! This is why the Catholic Church provides memorial Masses for the deceased. We’re praying for those who died in the arms of Jesus but who have not yet reached the full glory of heaven. Rarely does anyone die in the full state of grace, perfect in holiness. Most still have unrepented or unexpiated sins (“unexpiated” means insufficient penance has been made to rectify the damage of sin). God wants all of his children to receive the fullness of his perfect love, which means being forever united to him in a state of complete holiness. Because nothing unholy exists in heaven, when souls realize what they’ve forfeited by clinging to their sins, they want to be purged. They gladly choose the state or process of purgatory to reach the state of full grace. Our loving prayers help them in this transition.

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Ideas for use: Bulletin insert for All Souls Day Mass or handout to distribute in the church pamphlet racks for the month of November, adult education class about life after death, RCIA class, etc. This leaflet gives hope to those who are worried about the fate of their deceased loved ones.

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