Defining Purgatory

Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed
(All Souls Day, November 2)

PurgatoryHandout or Bulletin Insert.

Description: Printable 4-page booklet (double-side on 2 sheets of paper) explains Catholic doctrine using scriptures and quotes by Saints. It answers the questions: What does the Catholic Church teach about the after-life? What is Purgatory? Does God’s mercy help those in Purgatory? Is there any joy in Purgatory? How long does it take? Can we help souls in Purgatory? Can we shorten our own time in Purgatory? 1 Corinthians 15:51-57 points out that “that which is corruptible (our flesh-nature) must clothe itself with incorruptibility.” Purgatory is a process of purging ourselves from what was worldly so that we can fully enter into what is eternal.

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Ideas for use: Bulletin insert for All Souls Day Mass or handout to distribute in the church pamphlet racks for the month of November, adult education class about life after death, RCIA class, etc.

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