Daily Prayers with the Saints

Daily Prayers with the SaintsDescription: Do you want more prayer power? Would you like to grow in holiness? You can use this book to experience the friendship and spiritual guidance of hundreds of saints, one for each day of the year. If you desire to grow in holiness, the prayers given here will point you in the right direction, and the saints will lead you by the hand and never let go!

“Already my book is helping! I sent the prayer to Saint Alexius (patron saint of the homeless, July 17) to a friend whose ex-husband was homeless, and a day later he had a home to live in! Praise the Lord and thank you Saint Alexius!” (Terry Modica, on 8/26/99, while writing the book)

  • Cross-reference it with our website to look up what you need prayer support for and find a Saint to pray with you, or to look up Saints and find their patronages and spiritual guidance.
  • Look up a date to find a Saint and prayer for that day.
  • Give it to a candidate in RCIA as a gift for their spiritual journey and for help in finding a Patron Saint for their Confirmation name.


How this book came about: While growing up Protestant, Terry Modica developed a relationship with Jesus. After the Holy Spirit led her to the Catholic Church, she struggled for several years to understand what role Mary and the saints should have in her life. Then, she experienced a miraculous overnight devotion to the Blessed Mother. Soon after, she began to read about the saints: starting with Padre Pio, St. Frances and St. Clare, and then St. Teresa of Avila. Through studying their lives, these residents of Heaven have become, in a way, her spiritual directors and close friends. “Those who love you for His sake…will never desert you,” says St. Teresa (The Way of Perfection, Chap. IX, 3). Inspired by the awareness that the saints love us and care about us beyond all measure, and that they will come to our aid when we need prayer support and encouragement, Terry Modica wrote this devotional handbook.

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