Healing in Christ’s Passionate Love

Healing in Christ's Passionate LoveDescription: Christ’s passion for you comes alive in this ebook that provides healing and recovery from the hurts and sufferings of your life.

Passion Spirituality is the joining of our sufferings to the Passion of Christ. When we meditate on this, we enter into a much deeper intimacy with Jesus and we even discover great joy! This 37-page printable PDF ebook is a self-paced retreat tailored to your own needs. In your dive into passion spirituality, Jesus is with you as you read this book, ready to provide you with healing and recovery from the hurts and sufferings of your life. You’ll need a Bible to get the most benefit from this retreat. Look up the passages that these articles mention and highlight them in your Bible to come back to and meditate on again and again in the future.

Table of Contents (clickable in the PDF):

  1. Introduction: Are you suffering on account of others?
  2. Are you facing a decision that could lead to suffering?
  3. Have you been betrayed by a friend?
  4. Have your good works been misunderstood?
  5. When someone is unpleasant to serve.
  6. Is anyone confusing you into compromising your values?
  7. Have people hurt you while thinking they’re doing God’s will?
  8. Have you been falsely accused?
  9. Is anyone refusing to accept you for who you really are?
  10. Are you afraid?
  11. Are you in need of comfort?
  12. Is low self esteem preventing you from loving others?
  13. Are you being persecuted for speaking the truth?
  14. Do you think you’re suffering because  God has abandoned you?
  15. Is it too hard to be forgiving?
  16. Who is causing so much trouble that  you wish you could get rid of them?



A published author since 1982, Terry Modica has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, two diocesan certifications in Lay Pastoral Ministry, and is vetted by my diocese (St. Petersburg) as a speaker. She has been giving parish missions, courses, and retreats since 1989. With Ralph, her high school sweetheart whom she married in 1975, she founded Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay in 1995 and serves as the Executive Director. In 2004, she traveled to Malawi in Central Africa to teach two week-long courses on papal encyclicals to seminarians, their professors, and local catechists. Terry has authored the internationally popular “Good News Reflections” on the readings from daily and Sunday Mass since 1999.


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