How to Win Victories in Spiritual Warfare

How to Win Victories in Spiritual WarfareDescription: A useful collection of scriptures and Catholic prayers for today’s spiritual warfare battles and everyday protection. This printable ebook includes the Prayer for the Presence of Christ, Prayer for the Power of the Holy Spirit, Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel, Prayer to Wear the Armor of God, Saint Patrick’s Breastplate, Prayer to Conquer Evil, Prayer to Break Curses, Prayer for Release from Ancestral Curses,  Prayer of Authority to Conquer Demons, Consecration to Mary Defeater of Satan, Consecrate Your Marriage to Mary Ark of the Covenant, Zechariah’s Canticle as a Victory Prayer, and Praying the “Our Father” for Victory Over Evil. (34 pages)

Learn from over 200 scriptures covering:

  1. Do All Supernatural Powers Come from God?
  2. The Deceivers: Satan and His Demons
    • Satan’s Origins
    • Satan’s Nature
    • Satan’s Activities
    • Demon Powers
    • Satan Is Conquered
  3. Deceptions of the Occult
    • Demons Are Behind the Occult
    • The Results of Deception
    • False Christs
  4. Psychic Powers
    • Fortune Telling, Ouija Boards, Divination
    • Astrology
    • Mediums, Channeling, Spirits
    • Reincarnation
    • Sorcery and Witchcraft
  5. Testing the Source of Supernatural Power
    • Whom Does It Serve?
    • Does It Acknowledge Jesus Christ?
    • Does It Agree With God’s Word?
    • What Are Its Fruits?
    • God Gives Us Discernment
  6. Spiritual Warfare
    • God Rescues Us
    • The Victory of Jesus
    • Angels Help Us
    • The Authority of Believers
    • Binding and Casting Out
    • Truth as a Weapon
    • Faith as a Weapon
    • The Protection of Christian Living



Terry Modica is CEO and Executive Director of Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay, Inc., which she co-founded with her husband Ralph in 1995. On the front lines of the battlefield for the salvation of souls, they have had to learn and successfully use the spiritual warfare scriptures and prayers that are now being shared in this handbook.

A published author since 1982, Terry Modica has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, two diocesan certifications in Lay Pastoral Ministry, and is vetted by my diocese (St. Petersburg) as a speaker. She has been giving parish missions, courses, and retreats since 1989. With Ralph, her high school sweetheart whom she married in 1975, she founded Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay in 1995 and serves as the Executive Director. In 2004, she traveled to Malawi in Central Africa to teach two week-long courses on papal encyclicals to seminarians, their professors, and local catechists. The couple gives marriage enrichment retreats as part of their ministry.

Terry Modica lived in the power of the occult for seven years as a teenager and young adult. Then, when she recommitted her life to Jesus Christ, she learned the truth about the occult and began studying the greater supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

in 1989 her book Overcoming the Power of the Occult was published. Soon after, at a speaking engagement on the topic, she met an ex-satanic high priest who had been delivered from many demons by Christ. The novel Victor was inspired by what she learned from interviewing him extensively.


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