The Ascension of the Lord: Our Calling

(Evangelization Aids)

Ascension of the LordDescription: Sometimes we find ourselves in the same posture as the disciples in Acts 1:1-11, looking up at the sky where we last saw Jesus, not moving, just staring at nothing, waiting for him to come back and do something to rescue this world from its evil. It seems like he’s not finished. There’s more he should be doing. This world needs the Second Coming of Christ – now! What’s the delay?

He’s told us not to stand about gawking and waiting but to go forth and spread the Good News. He told us to take what he’s given us and use it to serve others, to make a difference somewhere, somehow, to someone.


Ideas for use: Hand-out for Ascension Thursday or Sunday bulletin prior, or Ministry Fair, invitation to join the work of evangelization or social justice, RCIA Mystagogy class, etc.

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