Dealing with Doubters

(Faith Enrichment)

DoubtDescription: Is there anyone in your life who is a doubter? Someone who doesn’t accept you for how much you’ve grown spiritually? Is there someone who doesn’t believe you about the faith? Have you been falsely accused of doing something you never had any intention of doing? Have you been dismissed as incapable of doing what you have in fact learned to do?

In Luke 4:24-30, Jesus shows us how to handle these people, as explained in this two-page, ready-to-print PDF handout. As Psalm 42:3 says, “My soul is thirsting for the living God: when shall I see him face to face?” When others reject us, we thirst for acceptance that only God can provide. Our thirst is quenched when we surround ourselves with people who are open to what God is doing within us. We see him face to face when we immerse ourselves in a community of people who are capable of accepting the gifts that God has given us to share. Are you in such a community?


Ideas for use: Bulletin insert or handout to invite people to join parish community groups.

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