How to Overcome the Pain of Frustration

(Faith Enrichment)

frustrated womanDescription: What do you do with your feelings of frustration? Want to get rid of it? Here are 8 steps for finding true and lasting inner peace no matter what is going on around you and who is causing it. This handout connects our sufferings to the Cross and Resurrection of Christ.

Step 1: Identify what makes you frustrated. … Step 6: Discover the true source of happiness. Step 7: Kill off the illusions about happiness. Step 8. Follow Jesus to the cross in order to reach the resurrection.

The other person might not change, but you will. You will find inner peace and joy no matter how much you suffer. You will no longer be damaged by the hurts inflicted upon you. You will discover the joy of ministry, i.e., putting your sufferings to good use.


Ideas for use: Holy Week, healing seminars, prayer groups, Divorced and Separated group, RCIA, etc.

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