The Parable of the Frog in Need of Water

(Faith Enrichment)

frog parableDescription: A faith-building story for kids of all ages, this parable is about Ferrdie the Frog who needed to find a safe pond but made a disastrous mistake, because he didn’t know what was helpful and what was harmful. Teaches discernment and trust.

Once upon a time, Ferrdie the Frog needed relief from the heat. Life sure was hard, and if Ferrdie didn’t do something very, very soon to make his situation better, he’d dry out and fry! Where he lived, it had gotten quite dry, and as you know, frogs like water. Frogs love water. Frogs need water to survive. Or, rather, they need water so that their happiness can survive. And Ferrdie had become quite unhappy. His house — that little niche in the soil that he had carefully carved out for himself  — shaded him nicely and kept him cool when the sun was bright and hot, but this wasn’t enough to keep him happy and content, being that he was a frog and he loved water.


Ideas for use: Popular with storytellers. Great for use in retreats for adults, youth, or children. Use it as a discussion-starter.

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