What Keeps Us from Knowing God’s Will?

Overcome 10 Common Mistakes

(Faith Enrichment)

Knowing God's willDescription: This 2-page handout covers the 10 most common mistakes we make that keep us from knowing God’s will: resentment, praying wrongly, idolatry, human reasoning, human desires, disobedience, the opinions of others, taking too little time to listen, doubt, and distrust.

For example, trust: If we think God doesn’t have our best interests at heart, or if we think God doesn’t really care about us, we can’t hear him call us to ministry. To cure this, we can thank God for the guidance that he gives before we are sure he has given it. This is the same as saying, “God, no matter how deaf I am to You, no matter what distracts me from Your voice, You are bigger than the obstacles. You are bigger than me. Therefore, I trust that You will make Your will known to me, and You will keep trying until you get through to me, and You will help me desire to do Your will.”


Ideas for use: Retreats, ministry discernment, ministry fairs, faith formation programs, vocations discernment, RCIA Inquiry Period, etc.

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