Who is the Holy Spirit?

(Life in the Holy Spirit)

Who is the Holy Spirit?Description: Scripture-based explanation of Who is the Holy Spirit. It lists the gifts of the Spirit and the fruits of life in the Spirit in terms of our everyday lives. There are two kinds of gifts: those that sanctify us and those that grant extraordinary favors to help us in our Christian lives and ministries. The book of Isaiah lists seven sanctifying gifts (Isaiah 11:2-3). In 1 Corinthians 12:6-11, there are nine extraordinary gifts (charismata). These do not directly aid us in our sanctification, but the Holy Spirit provides them to help us do the will of the Lord in everyday life and in ministry. Unlike the seven sanctifying gifts, they are not bestowed equally among Christians but are provided according to need, our roles and purposes in the Body of Christ, and the specific situations into which Christ leads us. (4-page hand-out)


Ideas for use: Retreats, RCIA, faith formation programs, prayer groups, Life in the Spirit Seminar, bulletin insert for Pentecost, etc.

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