Mobile Downloads

How to save the PDF or docx file you ordered onto your mobile device:

For Android phones, tablets using Honeycomb platforms, and other non-Apple devices:

  • Install “Download All Files” from the market. Once installed, this will app will give you instructions on “How to Download Files” and “How to Save Attachments.”

For iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other mobile products by Apple:

  • Use your iBooks library:
    1. In your iPad or iPhone, open the email containing the download link that you received after you finished placing your order. (Other tablets and cell phones have similar book reader apps.)
    2. Click the download link to open the PDF or doc file.
    3. Once it’s open, click on the “Open in iBooks” button in the upper right corner. This stores a copy in your iBooks library for accessing later. Now you can access that PDF from iBooks, anytime.
  • Or use the GoodReader app:
    1. Download it first in your laptop or desktop computer and save a copy there.
    2. Download the GoodReader app from iTunes.
    3. Transfer it from your computer to iTunes.
    4. Open the document in GoodReader.