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Knowing God’s Will and Doing it Well by Terry Modica

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Description: How do you know what God’s will is for your life? Do you know your calling? God has gifted you and has a desire to use your experiences and skills to help make the world a better place and to advance the purposes of his kingdom. Whether it’s in ministry or a secular job, God has a divine plan for you! 

This 23-page e-book (PDF format) is a compilation of 20 thought-provoking reflections from the daily Good News Reflections of Terry Modica, Director of Good News Ministries. Use it for meditation, spiritual guidance, and inspiration. As a bonus, it includes 3 self-assessment tests to help readers figure out which particular ministries God has gifted them to do. View a preview of this e-book.

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Ideas for use: Ministry and stewardship recruitment programs, Small Christian Communities, parish staff, etc.

This collection includes:

  • New Wineskins, New Mornings
  • You’re Just as Important to Jesus as His Own Blessed Mother!
  • Don’t Underestimate Your Value
  • God Does the Extraordinary with Ordinary People
  • Confused? Pay Attention!
  • How Can We Know God’s Will?
  • Deciphering God’s Will
  • What Keeps Us from Knowing God’s Will?
  • Attaining Full Knowledge of God’s Will
  • Preparation in Prayer
  • God Has Gifted You for Ministry
  • Here I Am, Lord, Use My Gifts
  • God Has Anointed You, Too!
  • Working for the Harvest Master
  • A Matter of Life and Death
  • Your Invitation to God’s Party
  • 3 Stages of Becoming a Minister for God
  • A Prayer to Become God’s Instrument
  • Self-Assessment Tests for Discerning Your Special Calling
About the Author

Terry Modica is CEO and executive director of Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay, Inc., which she co-founded with her husband Ralph in 1995. On the front lines of the battlefield for the salvation of souls, they have had to learn and successfully use the spiritual warfare scriptures and prayers that are now being shared in this handbook.

A published author since 1982, Terry Modica has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, two diocesan certifications in Lay Pastoral Ministry, and is vetted by her diocese (St. Petersburg) as a speaker. She has been giving parish missions, courses, and retreats since 1989. With Ralph, her high school sweetheart whom she married in 1975, she founded Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay in 1995 and serves as the executive director. In 2004, she traveled to Malawi in Central Africa to teach two week-long courses on papal encyclicals to seminarians, their professors, and local catechists. The couple gives marriage enrichment retreats as part of their ministry.

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Beth Solis, a group facilitator in Oklahoma, says, "Our members asked us in the beginning if we minded taking things slowly so we could have time to really discuss each paragraph. We always have such great discussion! The PPT has been very helpful and is a nice addition."

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Feedback from a study group in Florida

Sylvia says, "This experience deepened my love for the Eucharist in ways I couldn’t imagine when we first started this course."

Karen says, "I never thought that I would read an encyclical. However, using the study guide made this experience so rewarding. It broadened my view about the Eucharist and my Catholic faith that makes me love and appreciate what Jesus did for us ever more deeply."

Tim says, "Being the only convert in the group, I ascertained a better and stronger understanding of the importance of the Eucharist, not only in the Mass but also in my daily life."

Jimmy says, "I learned so much about the Eucharist that was powerful and enlightening. This course helped deepen my faith and my appreciation for the Holy Mass."

Erin says, "It was amazing to get everyone’s perspective on the readings. And it deepened my love in the beautiful gift that the Eucharist is to all humanity for our salvation."

Shirley says, "This course was so enlightening. It was a gift that helped me grow in my faith."

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