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Catechesis for RCIA & Other Religious Education
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Confirmation Package

The Sacrament of Confirmation $30

PowerPoint Packages for
RCIA & other Faith Formation programs

The following presentations are appropriate for a wide variety of religious education and faith formation, but they are listed in the recommended order for RCIA use.

They work well for children, youth, and adults. Catechists adapt them easily using the catechist guides that come with each package.

Looking for a PPT on all 7 Sacraments?
An overview of all seven sacraments is part of the PPT “The Nature and Function of the Church”. Most sacraments are also further developed in other PPTs as well. More >

Training for Ministry Leaders or the RCIA team

Motivating Your Team PPT workshop $30

Inquiry Period

Life in the Holy Trinity (set of 3 PPTs) $90

Catechumenate Period

The Call to Discipleship $25
Salvation History: From Adam & Eve to Jesus & Mary $40
The Nature and Function of the Catholic Church $25
Who’s Who in the Catholic Church $30
Christ’s True Presence in the Mass and Holy Eucharist $30
Confession: Sacrament of Healing and Reconciliation $35
Four Traditions of Catholic Prayer $50
Mary, Our Holy Mother $30
The Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary $30

Purification Period

What Is the Meaning of Lent? $30
Journeying to Holiness in the “Our Father” Prayer $30
The Creed: What Do We Really Believe? $30

Mystagogy Period

Mission of the Redeemer $30

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