Life In the Holy Trinity

A 3-Part Parish Evangelization Retreat

The Life in the Holy Trinity Retreat is programmed as a parish course over three weeks or as a parish mission in three nights or as a one-Saturday retreat. It can also be used in RCIA for Inquiry Sessions or other evangelization events.

Renew your life in Christ.
Restore your life in the Father’s love.
Recharge your life in the Holy Spirit.

What difference will this retreat make?
In addition to deepening the participants’ relationship with God, the final part of the presentation inspires them to become more involved in parish ministry.

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Comes with all the hand-outs listed below plus a Leader’s Manual that includes a publicity flyer, a preparation checklist, retreat schedules, a Prayer Booklet for a worship aid before each segment of the retreat, and 3 Prayer Pages for use when the seminars are given in a 3-week course or a 3-night parish mission.

Life in the Holy Trinity (Parish Retreat)
Life In Christ

Becoming Eucharist in Unity with Christ

$35 PowerPoint Presentation

Description: This lesson inspires and explains how to turn the sufferings of your trials and difficult relationships into victorious love. It includes a one-page hand-out of the scriptures and the prayer used in the class, plus a music meditation.

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Life in the Father
Life In The Father

Healing Your Image of God’s Fatherhood

$35 PowerPoint Presentation

Description: Inspires and explains how to restore trust in the Father’s love. Invites people to increase their power to pray to Our Father in faith. It includes a double-sided scripture hand-out and worksheet, a take-home blessing from the Father, and the a music meditation.

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Add this companion piece for enhanced value:

Healing Our Image of God’s Fatherhoodpreview
$10 RCIA or Other Small Group License
$20 Whole Parish License (unlimited printing)

Life in the Holy Spirit
Life In The Holy Spirit

Empowered to be Christ in the World Doing the Father’s Will

$35 PowerPoint Presentation

Description: Inspires and invites people to discover how important they are in God’s plans for the world. It includes a 2-page hand-out and the a music meditation.

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