Mary, Our Holy Mother

Mother of Christ, Mother of the Church

PPT on Mary, Our Holy Mother

Description: Why do we say Mary is the Church’s most perfect member? This PowerPoint presentation, which is ideal for RCIA and other faith formation classes, is a comprehensive overview of Catholic dogma about Mary the Blessed Mother. It ends with an embedded video of the “Ave Maria” to give your candidates an actual experience of devotion to Mary. Comes with a Catechist Guide.

  • Why Mary is called “Mother of God”
  • Why Mary is called “Mother of the Church”
  • Why Mary is called “Virgin”
  • Why Mary is called “The Second Eve”
  • Why Mary is called “The Immaculate Conception”
  • Why Mary is called “the Church’s most perfect member”
  • Why we believe Mary was “assumed” directly to heaven without experiencing death.

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The Immaculate Conception of Mary preview
Handout for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary explains grace and the Catholic doctrine about Mary’s conception in the context of celebrating salvation history, the Holy Spirit as Giver of Life, Mary’s motherhood, and more. Not included in the PPT package.
$10 RCIA or Other Small Group License
$20 Whole Parish License (unlimited printing)

The Meaning of the Assumption of Marypreview
Handout explains the doctrine of the Assumption of Mary and relates to our own personal growth in holiness. Not included in the PPT package.
$10 RCIA or Other Small Group License
$20 Whole Parish License (unlimited printing)


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