Mission of the Redeemer

Redemptoris Missio

Mission of the Redeemer

Description: Perfect for the final Mystagogy class of RCIA as a send-off into the mission of the Church. Inspire your Neophytes to get involved in parish life and to help others join the journey of faith. It’s recommended that catechists first read Pope John Paul II’s encyclical Redemptoris Missio in preparing the lesson, but this is not required. This package includes a Commissioning Rite (1-page hand-out) and a Catechist Guide.

Special Note: This is also available as part of the Mystagogy Retreat, “Gifted and Sent”. End the RCIA journey by sending your Neophytes into the bigger journey of walking with Christ in the continuation of his ministry. Empower them to become active participants of the parish and fruitful stewards with their gifts and talents.

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More ideas for use: This PowerPoint package is also great for Evangelization Teams, Staff Retreats, Ministry Workshops, Pentecost events, prayer groups, etc. The same presentation can be readily adapted to a parish seminar about evangelization at any time of year. It’s especially ideal for Pentecost.

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$30 PowerPoint Presentation with hand-outs

$5 Commissioning Rite only hand-out only (Small Group License)
This is included in “Mission of the Redeemer” PPT package above. Add to the order only if you want copies for other uses in the parish or do not want the PPT.


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Beth Solis, a group facilitator in Oklahoma, says, "Our members asked us in the beginning if we minded taking things slowly so we could have time to really discuss each paragraph. We always have such great discussion! The PPT has been very helpful and is a nice addition."

study group

Feedback from a study group in Florida

Sylvia says, "This experience deepened my love for the Eucharist in ways I couldn’t imagine when we first started this course."

Karen says, "I never thought that I would read an encyclical. However, using the study guide made this experience so rewarding. It broadened my view about the Eucharist and my Catholic faith that makes me love and appreciate what Jesus did for us ever more deeply."

Tim says, "Being the only convert in the group, I ascertained a better and stronger understanding of the importance of the Eucharist, not only in the Mass but also in my daily life."

Jimmy says, "I learned so much about the Eucharist that was powerful and enlightening. This course helped deepen my faith and my appreciation for the Holy Mass."

Erin says, "It was amazing to get everyone’s perspective on the readings. And it deepened my love in the beautiful gift that the Eucharist is to all humanity for our salvation."

Shirley says, "This course was so enlightening. It was a gift that helped me grow in my faith."

Which PowerPoint Presentations cover what Sacraments?

An overview of all 7 sacraments is in the PPT
"The Nature and Function of the Church".

PLUS: The sacraments are also covered in the following PPTs:

Baptism - The Call to Discipleship
& it's further developed in
1. Confession: Sacrament of Healing
2. The Creed
3. Mission of the Redeemer

Eucharist - Christ's True Presence in the Mass
& it's further developed in
1. Life in Jesus
2. Who's Who in the Catholic Church
3. Confession: Sacrament of Healing
4. The Creed

Confirmation - The Sacrament of Confirmation
& it's further developed in
1. Salvation History
2. The Nicene Creed

Reconciliation - Confession: Sacrament of Healing
& it's further developed in
1. Who's Who in the Catholic Church

Anointing of the Sick is covered primarily in
The Nature and Function of the Church

Holy Orders - Who's Who in the Catholic Church
& it's further developed in
1. Christ's True Presence in the Mass

Marriage is touched on in The Call to Discipleship