Who’s Who in the Catholic Church

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Who's Who in the Catholic Church

Description: Great for RCIA and other faith formation classes, this PowerPoint presentation explains the institutional, hierarchical structure and organization of the Catholic Church and the roles of everyone from the Pope to the Laity. Comes with a Catechist Guide, a class hand-out of definitions, and “The List of Popes“.

  • What is the Church?
  • Who is the head of the Church? (Answer: Jesus)
  • Why do we say Peter was the first pope?
  • What is the Pope – the Vatican – the College of Bishops?
  • The purpose of the Magisterium
  • The meaning of the Pope’s infallibility
  • The roles of archbishop, bishop, priest, pastor, deacon, and laity
  • What is a diocesan priest, religious priest, brother, sister, nun, monk?
  • What is a Papal Nuncio, Episcopal Conference, Cardinal?
  • How and why it all works together

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