Blessing the Home with Holy Water

(Prayer Resources)

Blessing the Home with Holy WaterDescription: 4-page pamphlet of a traditional Catholic prayer service (1 page, folded in half; print double-sided) is for families to use when blessing the home. In today’s world, it’s highly recommended to do this once a month. Use holy water from the church’s baptismal font or ask a priest to bless a bottle of tap water from home.

This Order of Blessing is for use by families in their domestic churches. The father should lead this service as the priest of the home, but the scriptures can be read by anyone; family members may want to take turns. While maintaining the structure and chief elements of the rite, the celebration can be adapted to the circumstances of the place and the people involved. A home is not blessed unless those who will live in it are present.


Ideas for use: Teach every family about blessing the home with holy water. Distribute this pamphlet during infant baptism interviews or classes (and give them a bottle of holy water from the baptism font to take home), parish registration packet, parent meetings for Catholic school or religious education programs, RCIA Mystagogy Class, etc.

Also see Prayers for Parents, which are free to download from Good News Ministries.

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