RCIA PowerPoints & Handouts

Catechist resources for every period of RCIA
and other faith formation classes

RCIA PowerPoints

Instantly download what you need for RCIA: More than just explanation … inspiration!
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Administrative Aids → explore

  • Registration & Sponsor Forms
  • Publicity Package
  • EZ Tracking Form
  • RCIA Team Building Packet
  • Parish Prayer Package

Precatechumenate (Inquiry) → explore

  • Christ’s True Presence in the Mass PPT
  • What Keeps Us from Knowing God’s Will?
  • PowerPoint presentations on the Trinity
  • and more

Catechumenate Period → explore

  • Seasons of the Liturgal Year (hand-out)
  • Nature and Function of the Church PPT
  • Christ’s True Presence in the Mass PPT
  • Four Traditions of Catholic Prayer PPT
  • Mary, Our Holy Mother PPT
  • Confession: Sacrament of Healing PPT
  • Defining Purgatory (hand-out)
  • and more

Purification & Enlightenment → explore

  • The Meaning of Lent (PPT & Hand-out)
  • Lenten Cycle A Reflections & Questions
  • The Creed (PowerPoint & Hand-out)
  • The “Our Father” (PowerPoint & Hand-out)
  • Examination of Conscience
  • Multi-Media Meditation on Christ’s Crucifixion
  • and more

Initiation Rites Preparation → explore

  • Choosing a Patron Saint
  • Hand-outs Explaining the Rites of Initiation
  • Happy Anniversary Easter Vigil Cards

Mystagogy Period → explore

  • “Where Do I Go From Here?” Packet
  • “Redemptoris Missio” PPT presentation
  • Knowing God’s Will (The Master Needs You)
  • Ministry Assessment Personal Survey
  • Social Justice: Every Christian’s Calling
  • and more