Rites of Christian Initiation


RCIA Resources to help your candidates, catechumens, sponsors, and team prepare for the Easter Vigil Mass

Easter Vigil Rite of Initiation

Preparing for the Rites of Initiation is a very busy season for RCIA Directors. Use our materials and handouts to simplify your work!

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RCIA Rites of Initiation List of Names for Choosing Your Patron Saint

Description: Hand-out for choosing a Patron Saint based on the meaning of the name. Thorough list, 26 pages; print double-sided for 13-page hand-out.


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RCIA Rites of Initiation Easter Vigil Instructions for RCIA Sponsors and Team

Description: 2-page hand-out to be used in a training meeting for sponsors and team members for the Rites of Initiation. This Word document is completely editable, so you can adjust it for your local program.


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RCIA Rites of InitiationWhat Happens on Holy Saturday?

Brief Instructions for RCIA Elect and Candidates

Description: 2- or 3-page hand-out for preparing the Elect, Candidates, and Sponsors/Godparents for the events of Holy Saturday and the Easter Vigil. Page one covers the morning ceremonies of the Presentation Rites (Ephphatha Rite, Rite of Recitation of the Creed, Rite of Choosing a Baptismal Name, and Concluding Rites). Pages 2 and 3 outline the events of the Easter Vigil itself. This Word document is completely editable, so you can adjust it for your local program.


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RCIA Rites of Initiation Sowing the Right Seeds

The Easter Vigil Explained

Description: 3-page commentary and overview of what happens — and why — during the Easter Vigil. It says just enough to add depth of meaning to the experience, since Candidates and Catechumens normally feel overwhelmed and later can’t remember every special moment that happened. But it doesn’t say everything, in order to heighten the mystery and awe of the actual experience.


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