Why go digital with RCIA?

RCIA digital PowerPoints

Catholic Digital Resources RCIA programOur program of RCIA materials includes PowerPoint presentations, multi-media slide shows, and other instructional content that takes advantage of contemporary technology to enhance the classroom experience and encourage discussion and fuller participation.

Why is this important?

Catholic Digital Resources RCIA programIn the U.S. and many other countries, the most difficult age group to attract and evangelize is young adults. Many of them were raised by parents who left the faith or stopped going to church regularly. Many were not even baptized. Yet, they are very interested in spirituality and are seeking true faith.

They have grown up in a fast-paced world with lively television and movies. They’re easily bored by standard classroom teaching methods. Since they are very technology-oriented and use digital tools for almost everything, digital RCIA materials are ideal for attracting them and forming them in their faith. And of course everyone else will enjoy these materials, too.

Buy it once, use it year after year

Catholic Digital Resources RCIA programOur leaflets and pamphlets can be downloaded and printed on an as-needed basis by the RCIA Director or Catechist to hand out in class. There is no time limit with the RCIA license. Print them again and again for years to come!

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